The roof the roof of the technical survey, diagnosis, defektācij Act, imperfection and scrap the fotofiksācij, installed in the roof of the quality audit, the project development (constructive solutions, node), roof and facade performance tests and conclusions, thermography; advice; recommendations.

We offer to make a building roof technical survey and the preparation of an opinion. The technical opinion consists of:

The roof of the iesegum fault photo fixation is carried out in the course of the survey – roofing, bearing construction, water noteksistēm defect and damage to the camera. As well as being fixed-site, which damaged quality, defective roof covering.

Defektācij Act-is rated roofing, structural design, fasondaļ, water novadsistēm State, certain problems-both existing and future.

Suggestions for defects-on the basis of the roof made of defektācij, our suggestions, recommendations, problems and improvement of the existing roof. Are recognized and developed several possible troubleshooting solution. Providing advice on most questions.

Roof repair work in compiling the estimates-if you need to make the roof repair or replacement of the roof covering, is composed of the costs of the work, which the client can use to plan a budget for repairs, and used as a kontroltām hold the competitive dialogue or public procurement.  If possible, we offer several roof repair solutions. Prepare technical specifications and to-do lists. The one under the survey offer dial up to three different estimates.

Tips on roof maintenance, specialist advice on roof trays cleaning, cleaning of internal drainage, roof plane cleaning and minor roof repairs.

Municipalities and public sector companies, we offer:

Prepare according to the Latvian et seq LBN 501-06 "Būvizmaks procedures for determining" the local estimate and a "to-do" list.

Public procurement law provides: through public procurement, in order to ensure equal opportunity to all applicants and do not lead to unjustified restrictions to competition in the procurement procedure to prepare the technical specifications of one of the most important ingredients are the Latvian et seq, LBN 501-06 prepared local estimate and a "to-do" list.