By Titāncink

It is alloyed with aluminum, titanium and copper piemaisijum. Are offered in rolls, sheets, and other elements of cover. Price titāncink is cheaper than copper, but after the mechanical performance and durability even surpassed it. After environmental exposure of titāncink overlap the patina that forgive this unusual view. But despite all the properties of the titāncink, it is quite difficult to set up, and it requires a great deal of profesionalism.


Will never rust, floats, absolutely harmless, it has anabolic properties. External environment by acting on the copper to the patīin-the natural protective coating that protects it from corrosion and deterioration due to completely turn off the oxygen and other substances from copper to the surface. Copper is more suitable for the manufacture of roof covering a lifetime of more than 100 years.

Natural stone (slate, shale)

This material, often referred to as the shale is a rock, about 550 million years ago and which has been used as a building material already in ancient Egypt. This is an exclusive and durable roofing that will maintain their own properties for hundreds of years. After the installation of the roof practically no maintenance costs and this will greatly increase your home's value. Natural stone roof is the best investment you can make.

PREF aluminum tiles, šindeļ and diamond

PREF aluminum tiles, šindeļ and diamond, thanks to their low weight, is an excellent material for the old roof renovation. Mounting to an existing roof material, bitumen, šindeļ and ruberoīd can be made very quickly. A prerequisite for covering could be taken is not damaged aircraft, correct roof slope and condition in accordance with the provisions of the būvfizik!