Concrete, cement tiles

Beautiful concrete tile roof will increase your home's value and durability with minimum impact on the environment and reducing the cost of application. In addition, if you take into account the life expectancy of the concrete tile, this is one of the cheapest roofing solutions. The wide tile color, coverage and range of form easily allows you to find the best solution for your home. Concrete tiles are cheaper than clay tiles and it's a great way to samazināšaan cost practically no loss of effectiveness of the appearance of the roof.

Clay tiles

Clay tile broke is massive, natural, classic and eco in the roofing material. Clay tile roof is a safe investment for the future. Suitable for both antique and modern buildings. The long-life ceramic tiles will keep its quality for at least the lifetime of the House, if not longer. Clay tiles are traditional and prestigious roofing. Raw clay tile roofing-mat aging beautiful, leading the natural patina that House a comfortable and noble look. The material is fairly large, so you need the unladen weight solid wood construction.

Eternit wavy sheet bezasbest

Bezasbest a wavy sheets of Eternit asbestos slate is similar, but the two materials have a number of important differences. Of cement, cellulose, cardboard, natural stone, fiber, etc. in addition produced bezasbest slate sheets is much more durable, healthy, they are different colors.

The material can be used for both new construction and DIY. Material characteristic of high resistance to changing climatic conditions (snow, rain, cold, heat) and chemical compounds. Easy to set up.

Eternit roofing comes in five colour tones: Brown, green, cherry red, ķieģeļsarkan and black, as well as grey-sheet without coloration.

Eternit Eternit fibrocement plates

on the roof of the visually similar to natural stone plates. Unlimited use of the facilities can be used both on the roof and facade decoration or as tiles.