By Valcprofil

This profile installed on the roof, which resembles the traditional "valcēt" tin roof. Roof coverings, which leaf joints are safalcēt. One of the more metallic roof coverings, because unlike the trapezoidal and dakstiņveid profiles, this roofing material is sriprin with special mounts (klemer), in such a way is not damaged roofing. Valcprofīl is considered to be the safest and ilgmūžīgāk steel surface.


Dakstiņveid steel profiles, the material is a material that combines beauty and interest to the simple installation and the structure of the roof covering a small weight. This profile has all the same characteristics of trapezoidal profiles. Dakstiņveid profile of the metal being used in the construction of individual houses, because it visually resembles the classic Clay tile. Often referred to as the cover for the single Ranill roof cover.

Metālprofil T-20; T-35; T-45 (trapezoidal profile, the profile sheet roofs)

Trapezoidal steel profiles are available in painted and galvanized version. Trapezoidal profile is suitable for both individual and public, sports, manufacturing and warehouse building construction. The different depth of it and the variety of colors allows you to find the right material for any construction. This cover Assembly is done with special mounting bolts at the thin plank deck.