Polymer modified bituminous membrane, Bitumen roll materials

most materials used in the industrial, flat and very flat roof repairs. The new generation soft bitumen pavement is produced by adding modifikātor to the APP or SBS and reinforced with glass fibre or polyester. They are flexible and durable. Ruļļmateriāl to put inside, digesting it with a gas burner. The main advantage of the ruļļmateriāl-economy. Roofs fitted with ruļļveid bitumen surface is easily repaired.

Šindeļ Bitumen (bitumen tile broke)

Šindel is bitumen roofing material on bitumen base with prills coating, available in different colours and textures. Basis is used in the construction of individual houses. Bituminous šindeļ give your home charm and character. This type of roof coverings is becoming more and more popular because the Visual is very attractive, comfortable boxed, as well as a large choice of shapes and colours. In addition, they are quiet. Bituminous šindeļ to wear any form of roofs, and round. Šindel is good, and it is easy to assemble. The material also fit into the surrounding environment.

Wavy bitumen pavement

The best-known wave of bitumen roofing in Latvia is viļņloksn, ONDULIN bitumen. Although it is widely used in the individual sectors, the relatively small costs, should take into account that this material is not a great life (up to 10-15 years) and therefore it can be considered as a roof covering farm buildings or palīgceltn. This material does not contain asbestos, is not harmful to human health. Easy roofing material by insisting that you can also use the wall held.