Roof maintenance, annual inspection of the roof, the roof, small repairs and cleaning up debris from the troughs, roof painting, washing, purification of MOSS and treatment with pretsūnošan; .1 and the ventilation channel maintenance, chimney cleaning, skursteņslauķ, pārmūrēšan, chimney flue above roof surface plastering;

Winter offer:

Roof cleaning of snow and ice-Clearing snow, pick, atskaldīšan, ice, icicle, snow collection from the pavement. Access to hard-to-reach places and large gradients. The roof of the survey in the spring, if you've taken the snow cleanup.

Did you know that the roof should be annually monitored and nurtured?

The roof is one of the main structural elements of the building. Wrong choice of roofing, low quality, not made in a timely manner laid roof repairs or carry out annual roof maintenance work planned may significantly reduce the roof and all the shipbuilding operation and value.

Regularly surveying the roof is open so the yield point. Time for making roof repairs will prevent damaging the roof support structures that will shorten the life of the roof and lead to higher repair costs. The water noteksistēm need regular maintenance. At least once a year, the trays are jaiztīr of leaves and sand, otherwise the water noteksistēm the aizdambēj, and the water is not discharged to the drain, but the gutter along the facade of the building died in the plaster.

We offer to conclude a contract for the management of the roof with a fixed monthly fee.

Our experience in different types of roof coverings renovēšan and repair works allows one to provide our customers with the highest quality services in the field of the roof. The roof of the management agreement with the JSC euro ROOF, your roof assets will be surveyed on a regular basis, will be carried out in small repairs-cleaned water noteksistēm, and you will always be aware of the condition of the roof and the necessary repairs to the roof.

Roof management contract services offered:

  • In the first act of defektācij — assuming the roof management evaluates the condition of the roof, certain problems both existing and future;
  • The roof of the recommendations to remedy the situation, on the basis of the defektācij Act, our suggestions, recommendations, problems and improvement of the existing roof;
  • Roof repair materials and work those guidelines-if necessary, make a roof repair or replacement of the roof covering, is composed of the costs of the work, which the Subscriber may use the repair budget planning and be used as a kontroltām hold the competitive dialogue;
  • The roof the roof of the annual survey of State assessment changes during the year (drafted in the Act and to provide recommendations on the measures to be taken);
  • Roof maintenance, roof trays cleaning, cleaning of internal drainage (roof), the flat roof cleaning and roof repair (once a year, before winter);
  • Twice a year "emergency" calls to make all necessary efforts to prevent natural disasters or other accidents caused as a result of damage to the roof. (Material and labor costs for the works carried out by the customer.)