Plumber jobs - Tin work, Tinker, Tinker's workshop, working height, industrial mountaineering, iesegšan metal roof, chimney, Luke incorporated, Tin Roof repair, Tin roof surface anti-corrosion treatment, painting, installation of drain troughs, a heating cable trays provide a barrier of snow-ice storm-ice Icicle from the roof.

Remember that the master who can install metal (valcprofil, metāldakstiņ, trapezoidal profile) or set of roof coverings made of industrial water noteksistēm (trays, drains) can not be called a plumber. Roof decking works is relatively simple. Roofers generally experience a problem when you need to incorporate a standard chimney, skylights or mansard construction. And if this roof construction is a curved shapes?  In those moments when you need a plumber for the connoisseur.

We promise that every object which euro roofs installed roofing, responsible for carrying out the work will be invited for the post of master plumber.

Euro carry roof Roofer, following Tin works:

  • Rain water drainage, noteksistēm, trays, sewer disassembly Assembly, izgatavotavošan of metal with various coatings-galvanized tin, painted steel; square round noteksistēm and trays, reņ, drains, roof heating cable installation;
  • Snow barriers and safety barrier installation – different types and constructions of the snow and the safety barrier Assembly, virtually any type of roof.
  • Building construction, Assembly fasondaļ-sills, ledges, eaves, vejbleķ, surfboards, Ridge, sinks, connections, here's a stack of noseglīst.
  • Products of various Tin and into roofing, roof hatches, roof Windows (Velux, Roto, Okpol, Fakr), chimney, roof ventilation, manufacture and installation of deflectors;